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Omnibuzz Terms & Conditions

“Thank you for the great service that you provided on our wedding day. The driver Simon and the conductor were great.”

Aimee, May 19

Omnibuzz Terms & Conditions


In these conditions any reference to the Company means Omnibuzz and its operating partners ‘CBM Services’ and / or ‘London Vintage Bus Hire Ltd T/A The London Bus Company’.

The hirer is responsible to the company for any damage to the vehicle, its fittings or equipment caused by the negligence or misconduct of any passengers carried thereon.

The hirer may not cause the hours of work or driving performed by the driver to break the law relating to drivers hours as set out in the 1968 Road Traffic Act and any subsequent amendments.

Notices or decorations shall not be displayed from the vehicle without the previous consent of the company in writing. The company shall not be responsible for any failure to execute this contract by reason of accident, fire, tempest, strikes or any cause outside their control.

The company shall not be responsible for loss or damage to luggage or other property brought onto the vehicle during the period of hire, however, caused.

This contract shall not be varied in whole or in part except by mutual consent of the company and the hirer.


All hirers must be over 21. Any hire where the party includes a significant number (as determined by the company) of passengers under the age of 18 must include at least two responsible adults as passengers or on a Prom the hirer available by telephone.


No alcohol is permitted on buses at any time. The only exception is Champagne, wine, Prosecco or Pimms after a wedding ceremony and it must be served in plastic or paper cups and the bottles opened off the vehicle. Individual bottles / cans with straws are not permitted under any circumstances. All rubbish must be removed at the end of the hire. Beer and spirits are strictly banned. Failure to comply with this request will end the hire immediately.


The authority of the driver and / or conductor is final. They have the right to stop the bus, cancel the hire or ask passengers to leave the vehicle at their discretion for reasons of safety, health, behaviour or any other reason. In such an event, the hirer will not receive compensation.


Additional charges such as but not limited to parking fees or entry fees will be levied in accordance with the charges imposed by the company supplying the services. Such charges are to be paid on demand.


The hirer must ensure that the vehicle is left clean, all rubbish bagged and removed, and all personal items collected. Should additional cleaning be required, this will be payable by the hirer. The eating of crisps is not permitted as these always end up in the moquette and on the floor.


The cost of fuel rose sharply in 2022/3 and even though it has dropped (Diesel). We reserve the right to add a surcharge if it rises nearer the £2 per litre mark again.


There is no guarantee that the vehicle will perform the journey in any given time and the company shall not be liable for any loss, inconvenience or damage which may arise from any delay, detention or breakdown.


All hires are payable in advance, by internet banking transfer to Omnibuzz or via link in your invoice to our card payment company ‘Stripe’ or ‘GoCardless’. Cheques are not accepted. Payment details will be agreed upon confirmation of hire.

A deposit of £75, per bus, is payable at the time of booking. The deposit is non refundable. In the unlikely event of cancelling the booking we can refund 50% of the balance paid up to 2 weeks before hire date, excluding the deposit. In the 2 weeks prior to the hire date no refund can be given. Until deposit received the bus hire is not confirmed and can be cancelled or price changed. The balance of the bus hire charge is due at least two weeks before the hire date, unless stated otherwise by the company.


We are not aware who your party are and to ensure that the hire performs as you would wish it to, we ask you to nominate a guest to take charge of the loading and checking on/off of guests. We do not want to leave anyone behind. This is particularly important if party is meeting at an hotel or railway station. We cannot be held responsible for any passengers being left behind or late departure. This also applies if more than 1 trip has been asked for and a guest says no need to come back “everyone is here” and they are not in possession of the full details of the hire. The nominated person should introduce themselves to the crew and from then on only instructions from that person will be actioned.


For all bus hires, the driver has the final decision on the exact route to be taken. The driver will try to accommodate all reasonable requests from the hirer, but will consider the safety of the passengers, other road users and the vehicle itself when determining the route and any pickup/set down points.


The safety of passengers is our first priority. The following guidelines must be followed by all passengers: – Passengers may not move between decks whilst the vehicle is in motion

  • Passengers must remain seated whenever possible, while the bus is in motion.
  • Passengers must act in accordance with any instructions given by the conductor.
  • Our vehicles are classic London Buses and as such do not have seat belts. If the party consists of under 18’s, whose parents are not present, please make sure you have their agreement to them travelling.
  • No more than 2 push chairs permitted if the bus is full and these must collapse for stowage.
  • The signal bell is there for communications between conductor and driver. Once the vehicle moves off any ringing of the bell will cause the bus to stop. If it is done on multiple occasions the hire will be terminated!


Smoking or vaping are not permitted anywhere on the bus. This includes the rear platform.


The company reserve the right to substitute vehicles loaned to them by other operators for the companies vehicles without any preliminary notice.